Fine dining, wine and gourmet water are inextricably linked. Let’s give water the attention it deserves.
There are five schools worldwide where it is possible to become a certified water sommelier. One in North America, one in Germany, one in Italy, one in China and one in South Korea.

Would you like to to become a water sommelier?

These are the schools where you can follow a water sommelier course:

  1. Fine Water ACADEMY in North America.
    The online school founded by water sommelier Martin Riese and his business partner, the founder of Fine Water Society, Michael Mascha, opened its doors in North America In August 2018 The ACADEMY trains future water sommeliers around the world. They have recently certified their first water sommelier in Myanmar after an online three-month training course, an oral exam and a graduation project.
  2. Doemens Savour Academy is run by the Water Sommelier Union in Germany.
    They claim to be the first water sommelier school in the world, where, in addition to expert water testing and presentation skills, much attention is paid to combining water with dishes. Located in Munich, headed by dr. Peter Schropp, they have trained more than 140 water sommeliers from more than 28 countries.
  3. Associazione Degustatori Acque Minerali (ADAM) in Milan, Italy.
    In collaboration with Mineral Water Tasters Association, ADAM developed three manuals with which you can follow training as a water sommelier. These manuals are published by Alesssandro Conte, San Pellegrino water expert. The first part deals with the question “What is water?“, the subject of the second part is “The senses to taste water” and the third part is all about “How to combine and taste water“.
  4. Purelogica Academy in China.
    Mr. Zhu, water expert and founder of this water sommelier school, taught more than 70 students to be water sommeliers.
  5. Korea International Sommelier Association (KISA) in South Korea.
    Hanueul Kim is the ambassador for water sommelier training. He received training as a sommelier for wine, water and tea from Prof. Dr. Jae Youn Ko