The power of Pineo can be found in its taste

Water, its taste and flavour

The taste of water

The taste of water can vary dramatically, and just like wine it largely depends on the composition of the earth and the environment where it is sourced. Also important is the route the water had to travel before ending up in your glass.

The taste of water is determined primarily by the quantity of minerals and dietary elements it contains. When it comes to mineral and spring water, the earth where the water emerges has a large effect upon the basic taste.

Pineo voted the tastiest water in the world

Pineo was nominated together with 50 other top brands of water from all over the world. Five judges, consisting of water connoisseurs and water sommeliers blindly assessed the various brands of water and gave individual points. Pineo won gold in the top category of water with a low mineral content (less than 250 mg) without added carbon dioxide.

The taste of Pineo

Pineo mineral water takes you out of your world and on a journey, a journey to the sultry south of Europe among the Banat mountains in the Spanish Pyrenees. This place was home to monks over a thousand years ago in the Monastir Sant Vicenc de Pinsent, built in 852 after they discovered the source. This is evidence of how much the water was valued and not lavishly used.

Pineo is a ripe water, which means that it emerges naturally from the earth. It is unique artesian water from a naturally-arising source, and it is immediately bottled in order to preserve all its qualities. Uncontaminated by humans, just formed by nature. Its signature taste comes from the chalk-rich environment through which the water is filtered to become exceptionally pure. Pineo contains the characteristic combination of minerals for which the region is known.

Straightforward and pure mineral water, praised for its bottle, and selected for prestigious restaurants, hotels and events. Our moon water is especially famous, with the limited edition Luna Llena only bottled at full moon. Pineo moon water is biodynamic, with the full moon that symbolises our love. ‘To the moon and back,’ we like to tell each other