Pineo natural mineral water and chlorine

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a mineral that is also referred to as chloride. Chloride can be found in salt (salt is made of sodium and chloride). You can taste and smell chlorine, and in many countries you will notice its presence in tap water and in swimming pools. You’ll taste it at levels of 250 mg/l (source: WHO/SDE/WSH/03.04/03 chloride in Drinking-water, pp 3).

Water and chlorine

Some brands of mineral water wash their bottles with chlorinated water, and chlorine is also added to many types of water to keep it sterile, to kill bacteria. Pineo water is naturally bacterially pure, and we do not wash our bottles with chlorine, keeping the taste pure. Natural mineral waters that are high in chlorine are not recommended at meals.

Chlorine in Pineo water: 1.9 mg/litre.

Chloride levels in various brands of mineral water

Brand Chloride mg/litre
Vichy Catalan 584
Selters 270
San Pellegrino 54
Ordal 42
Chaudfontaine 35
Tonissteiner 32
Perrier 25
Gerolsteiner 9
Voss 6
Evian 6
Spa 5
Fiji 5
Pineo 1,9