Why drink Pineo mineral water?

Pineo mineral water contains everything you would want in a good water – a delicious taste, a glass bottle and a history dating back to AD 852.

Minerals in Pineo

– Chloride (CL) 1.9 mg
– Sodium (Na) 0.9 mg
– Nitrate (NO3) 1.1 mg
– Magnesium (M9) 3.7 mg
– Calcium (Ca) 78.6 mg
– Bicarbonate (HCO3) 248 mg
– Sulphate (SO4) 7.9 mg
– Phosphorous (P)
– Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
– Copper (Cu)
– Fluoride (F)
– Aluminium (Al)
– Uranium (U)
– Lead (Pb)
– Mercury (Hg)
If you required further information, please see the reports.

Pineo mineral water: pure nature served from the source

Pineo has not been chemically treated in any way. This natural spring water is bottled straight from the source. Our source is in the middle of a nature reserve and our water is naturally filtered by rocks. See the reports.

pH value of Pineo

– pH-neutral: 7
– pH value of Pineo: 7.91

The pH is the acidity. Water with a pH in excess of 7 combats acidification (it is also called alkaline water). Because we drink between one and two litres of water a day, it is important that you consider drinking water with a pH of above 7. Choose Pineo (pH = 7.9).

Designer bottle

The Pineo won the Red Dot Design Award in 1996, an international prize for design that has been awarded annually since 1955 by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen (DE).

Water for daily consumption

Choose mineral water with less than 500 g of minerals per litre. Choose Pineo mineral water, which does not contain heavy metals or pesticides. The cations and anions (positively and negatively charged minerals) are in balance in the water found at the Pineo source.

Love the environment with Pineo mineral water

When you buy Pineo you are making a conscious choice to benefit the environment and the natural world. Pineo’s source is naturally arising, so no electricity is required to pump it up. And while we do need electricity for the bottling process, 70% of it comes from the local hydroelectric plant.

Pineo’s labels bear an FSC logo and the ink we use is solvent-free. Pineo is contained in glass bottles that are reused, resulting in a CO2 footprint that is 96% smaller than when PET bottles are used (including transport and cleaning).

Pineo is a natural mineral water and is environmentally friendly