The Pineo range: naturally-arising natural mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees

Pineo is one of the most natural waters that can be found in Europe: Pineo is untreated, living and natural mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees. The water has extraordinary qualities, and the naturally arising spring water bursts to the surface without the need of a pump.

Pineo water is a source of pure joy. View our range.




Pineo Luna Llena

Pineo Luna Llena is our moon water that is only bottled by the full moon (Luna Llena). Luna Llena is consequently a ‘limited edition’. Moon water; it’s the water for those romantic moments.

  • I love you to the moon and back
  • High-energy water
  • Limited edition

Pineo moon water, Luna Llena

Pineo Luna Llena is available in Natural and Intens, both in 1 L and 500 ml bottles

Pineo Intens sparkling water

Pineo Intens is available in 1 L, 500 ml and 250 ml bottles

Pineo Intens

Pineo Intens is the original Pineo water with added carbon dioxide. The sparkling water is from a naturally-arising spring and is highly carbonated. Refined, subtle and very sparkly.

  • Very sparkly
  • High-energy water
  • Refreshing

Pineo Natural won gold
in the top category of water with a low mineral content without added carbon dioxide.
The Fine Water Taste & Design Award 2019 »

Pineo Natural

Pineo Natural is an exceptional water, an untreated, living and natural high-quality mineral water.

  • The perfect water at every meal
  • An excellent thirst-quencher
  • A unique and delicious taste

Pineo Natural mineral water

Pineo Natural is available in 1 L, 500 ml and 250 ml bottles