Pineo named tastiest water in the world


When we taste something, we actually use three senses: we taste, we look and we smell. With water, the difference is only very subtle. This makes us think that every water is similar, whereas water has a wide palette of flavours.

Water is not just water, just as wine is not just wine. Water’s origin, mineral composition, bottling and packaging all contribute to its unique flavour.


German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest” was clear in its verdict when they tested 20 brands of water for taste and flavour defects. Only Pineo received ‘very good’ (view the report here). The unique location of the source, the state-of-the-art filling line, the respect for nature, the glass bottles, the nature-friendly rinsing process…At Pineo, we do everything for a perfect taste and the ultimate experience of this natural mineral water.

Pineo tastiest water in the world

‘Sehr Gut’ from the Stifftung Warentest

Pineo is het enigste water om ooit 'Sehr Gut' beoordeeld te worden door de Stiftung WarentestPineo received an award ‘Sehr Gut’ for tastiest water from the German consumer association in 2008. Pineo was the only water without flavour defects. Remarkably, Pineo is also the only water to ever win this award.

Gold at The Fine Water Taste & Design Award 2019

Pineo wint goud op de Fine Waters Taste & Design award

Five judges consisting of water connoisseurs and water sommeliers blind judged the 50 nominated waters. Pineo won gold in the top category of waters with low mineral content (less than 250mg) without added carbonation gas.

Silver at the Water Expo Taste Competition in China

Pineo wint zilver op de Water Smaak Competitie van de Water Expo in ChinaThe Water expo is the most exclusive trade fair for premium drinking water in China. 20 international and 30 Chinese brands were allowed to participate in the competition. Pineo came home with the silver award in the premium waters without carbonated gas category.

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