Pineo: naturally-arising natural mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees

Pineo, not just any water

Pineo voted the tastiest water in the world

Pineo was nominated together with 50 other top brands of water from all over the world. Five judges, consisting of water connoisseurs and water sommeliers blindly assessed the various brands of water and gave individual points. Pineo won gold in the top category of water with a low mineral content (less than 250 mg) without added carbon dioxide.

Pineo and the calçot

The calçot has been a traditional Catalonian meal since 1900, and the long scallion is roasted on a barbecue or open fire until the skin is charred, then wrapped in newspaper and served on terracotta tiles. You remove the calçot from its skin, dip it into a dish of salsa romesco and eat it with your hands. Together with good company, wonderful wine and Pineo mineral water, the meal is an unforgettable experience.

Pineo: mineral water served by nature

David Wolfe, rockster superfoods
One of the Best Ever!! A favourite! Spring Water bottled in glass. #Pineo!! This water from the Pyrenees is only harvested on the full moon.
David Wolfe, the rock star of the superfoods and the longevity of the world

Pineo compared to plastic bottles