Pineo: 18 reasons why you should drink healthy water in a glass bottle

1. Handily packaged in crates
2. Low in sodium (0.9 mg/l)
3. 0% organic pesticides (SGS laboratory test and the lab of Oliver Rodés)
4. 0% PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), as tested in Oliver Rodés’ laboratory
5. Artesian water: naturally arising = ripe water
6. Discovered in 852: sourced from the monastery of Sant Vicenç de Pinset, located on a holy mountain


7. The source arises at an altitude of 1,100 meters in the Spanish Pyrenees: surrounded by a large swathe of protected nature reserve
8. No pollutants in the area
9. Only sold in glass
10. Recognised as a “natural spring water” (European protected designation of origin)

11. Testimonial by David Wolfe: ‘Pineo, one of the best waters ever. My favourite. Natural mineral water bottled in glass.’
12. Perfect harmony between Pineo, wine and food
13. Untreated water: from source to bottle with no manipulation whatsoever
14. Red Dot Award for product design for the bottle
15. The most delicious water: do the taste-test yourself. And the German consumer association agrees
16. Perfect for babies: meets all European standards for baby food
17. Perfect for a low-sodium diet (sodium content is a mere 0.9 mg/litre)
18. Gentle alkaline water (pH 7.9)