Pineo natural mineral water is low in sodium water. Get the proper minerals, get the proper water. Get Pineo.

Water is not just water – the water from a rainstorm, the water from your tap and the water from a bottle you buy are all very different. When water is called ‘natural mineral water’ this means it has an original purity and a constant mineral balance, and so we cannot call any old water ‘natural mineral water’ – it is a protected appellation with strict requirements that must be fulfilled.

The minerals and other substances found in natural mineral water give it its taste and make every source, and every water, unique. It is crucial that you choose the right water.

What is sodium?

All water contains sodium, a mineral that is found in salt, which is also called sodium chloride.

The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends a maximum of 5 g of salt a day. One gram of salt contains 0.4 g of sodium.

Food is full of salt – go for low-sodium instead

Whenever we prepare food we often add salt (and sodium) to enhance flavours or as a preservative. Salt is a natural part of the world and our bodies. Our bodies struggle to digest excess salt.

How much sodium does water contain?

Sodium appears naturally in water and comes from rock and soil. The quantity of sodium in any water depends on the geological circumstances.

While there is a maximum level of sodium that may be contained in tap water, the sodium levels in natural mineral waters tend to be higher. In the EU the maximum sodium content is 200 mg/l, but in some countries it is lower, such as the Netherlands, where the maximum is 150 mg/l.

Sodium content comparison

Brand Sodium content mg/l
Vichy Catalan 1070
Appolinaris 410
Christinen 371
Badoit 165
Gerolsteiner 118
Tonissteiner 108
Chaudfontaine 44
San Pellegrino 33
Fiji 18
Perrier 11
Evian 5
Solan de cabras 5
Spa 3
Lauretana 1
Pineo 0,9

Pineo natural mineral water is low-sodium

Pineo is a natural mineral water that has a low sodium content at just 0.9 mg per litre, well below the 200 mg/l maximum.

Sodium is found in salt, go for low-sodium