The importance of being able to choose from different types of water in restaurants

According to experts, the type of water you drink with your food determines the taste experience. So isn’t water just water? Well no. There are indeed major differences in terms of taste, hardness, composition/mineral content and mouth feel. That is why it is very important that in a restaurant you can choose from different brands of water, which help determine the culinary experience. Did you know that water can activate your taste buds, enhance flavors, but also numb them?

The taste of tap water varies, depending on the region

The taste of (tap) water depends on, among other things:

  • where the water is extracted and how it is processed.
  • the hardness of the water, which can vary by region
  • the composition of tap water.

Soft and round mouthfeel versus salty metallic taste

Certain brands of mineral water with low mineral content have a softer and round mouthfeel, which contributes to an optimal taste experience of a meal in a restaurant or at home. Pineo is an excellent example of this, with its smooth, light, fresh and balanced taste. If you drink water with a higher mineral content, the taste of your food may change because the water already has a defining taste, for example salty and/or metallic.

Sparkling or flat water versus cold or cool water during your dinner party?

  • Sparkling water activates your taste buds and is therefore a good starter.
  • Lightly sparkling water is subtle in flavor and combines well with the main course
  • Flat water neutralizes, which enhances the taste of coffee, for example.
  • (Too) cold water numbs the taste buds. Avoid putting a slice of lemon in your water.

So for foodies, it is very pleasant to be able to make conscious choices. Not only for a particular brand of water, but also for sparkling or flat water and even the temperature of the water.


Pineo is soft alkaline water and therefore perfect for the hospitality industry

Healthy, balanced water is about the type of minerals, their proportions and which minerals are not in the water (such as heavy metals). Pineo a recognized natural mineral water with low mineral content and low in sodium, nitrate and chlorine. This pure, “wild” water is available in the varieties: flat (Natural), strong (Intense) and soft (Maderada) pungent and thus suitable for any time while eating. It is a soft alkaline water with a ph of 7.9. The cream of the crop is the Pineo water filled at full moon. This is only available in a limited edition, so top restaurants often order this special water in advance.

Pineo natural mineral water also matches well with wine

Drinking water and wine is becoming more and more common. Like wine, water can harmonize with the taste of a dish. A water menu – in addition to a wine menu – is becoming a must in traditional and trendy restaurants.

  • Pineo Natural combines perfectly with soft wines with low alcohol content. Fresh and fruity white wines, young reds, sparkling wines, low-sugar aperitif drinks….
  • The gently pungent Pineo Moderada fits perfectly -and is friendly with- mid-range wines. Full-bodied fruity wines, rosé wines, young Beaujolais, younger champagnes….
  • The effervescent Pineo Intens pairs excellently with powerful, round wines. Dry or sweet powerful white or red wines, vintage champagnes, white wines as aperitifs, aperitif drinks with lots of sugar…

“Eating out should be an experience. Serving tap water or tap water in bottles detracts from it.”

Water and wine sommelier Roland Vanden Abbeele