Let’s talk about the Chef’s Table restaurant in Burcht, Belgium.
The definition of a chef’s table is a guest table in the kitchen of a restaurant, reserved for special guests so that they can see the chef at work and enjoy tasting samples of the items on the menu.

And this is exactly the approach of the Chef’s Table Restaurant in Burcht. The restaurant has a semi-open kitchen with cameras and flat screens in ihe restaurant on which the spectacle can be followed. The finishing touch at the table is also done by the chef, as it is actually done on a chef’s table.

With blood, sweat, tears and lots of fun, the dream of Tanja Veyt and Dimitri Van Berlo came true in July 2006: A restaurant of their own.
Tanja Veyt and Dimitri Van Berlo now feel completely at home on the banks of the Scheldt. They have a growing clientele within Burcht, but also far beyond Burcht.

Tanja Veyt and Dimitri Van Berlo from Chef's Table restaurant in Burcht

Tanja Veyt and Dimitri Van Berlo from Chef’s Table in Burcht

On the menu you will find a large selection of seafood, and, of course, their world famous bouillabaisse.

The Michelin guide has this to say this about Chef’s Table in Burcht :
“Chef’s Table has its own large and real vegetable and herb garden. The decor is beautiful, very comfortable and trendy. Since 2011, Chef’s Table has been participating in our Bib Gourmand offer for the best value for money, with a menu for €37. Delicious dining at a fair, correct price. Chef Dimitri puts finesse in his dishes. The wines from Chef’s Table are spectacular.” “Chef’s Table was listed in the Michelin guide with 2 forks in 2019. And was awarded 13/20 by Gault & Millau.

According to an enthusiastic fan, you can easily compare Chef’s Table restaurant in Burcht with former three-star restaurant Hertog Jan in Bruges. “I went to lunch at Hertog Jan several times and still prefer Chef’s Table,” says an enthusiastic Chef’s Table fan.

The menu reflects the products of their garden.

All the fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs used in the dishes are grown in the garden of the Chef’s Table. You can taste it. Pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, leeks, cabbage, savoy, different varieties of tomatoes with different scents and colors, beans, butter beans, turnips, rhubarb, cucumber, potatoes, onions, broccoli, zucchini, spicy real radishes, … you name it …

Right from the garden to the plate. Each morning’s harvest is processed into lunch and dinner, can anything be fresher and purer?

Pure ingredients, beautiful colors, juicy flavors straight from the garden. The difference between purchased and fresh, daily picked greens is large and makes all the difference to the quality on the dishes at this restaurant.

For good Brussels sprouts, good frost is needed, says chef Dimitri Van Berlo’s grandfather.
“Cut chicory in the early morning, get leeks for the soup and harvest the first sprouts – delicious.”
Chef Dimitri Van Berlo from Chef’s Table

A separate water menu at Chef’s Table.

Pineo proudly stays right at the top of the water menu at Chef’s Table. Pineo has been our house water for many years now, says sommelier Roland Vanden Abbeele, and Pineo is very proud of it.

“Water taster and the first and most famous water sommelier in Belgium, Roland Vanden Abbeele, came to advise us on our water menu years ago. We selected four exclusive waters from perhaps 50 different waters. Pineo is at the top of the water map. “Says Tanja Veyt, hostess and co-owner of Chef’s Table. “The fresh light blue bottle and its wonderful soft harmonious taste go with every wine, every beer and every dish. Low in chlorine, salt and nitrates. Once tasted, customers want this water.”

Thank you, Chef’s Table, for providing Pineo and thank you,Roland,for the advice.

Have you reserved yet at Chef’s Table?
Whether you like to eat fish, meat or vegetarian, at Chef’s Table you will have a unique culinary taste experience. Dimitri Van Berlo will cook for you, after his sweet and friendly wife Tanja Veyt has welcomed you. The young but competent sommelier will gladly advise you on matching wines and will serve some delicious Pineo water.

chefstable.be, Kaaiplein 1, 2070 Burcht, Belgium Tel 03 296 65 69, GSM: 0476 29 85 68 or via TableFever, you can also contact Chef’s Table as a caterer for unprecedented and relaxed table pleasure.