Victoria Beckham drinks full-moon water during her stay at the luxury Lanserhof Detox Health Resort spa at Tegernsee in Hamburg.

The moon has an influence on us. Let there be no doubt about that.
For example on our fertility (monthly periods) and on the rhythm and attraction (ebb and flow).
Victoria Beckham followed a detox course. She tweeted that the power of full-moon water is special for her mindsetting (staying balanced) and great for her skin.


Detoxing in Lanserhof with moon water from Pineo

In Lanserhof, Europe’s most modern health resort it was discovered that a detox course of a week should be accompanied by drinking full-moon water. Lanserhof, where Victoria Beckham stayed for a week, combines a holistic approach between natural medicine and modern medicine.

Full-moon water hydrates the body and provides energy without kcal. It is not for nothing that one of Europe’s most famous spas says on its website: ‘For a healthy life full of energy’.