Choose for your health Pineo natural mineral water. For the price: tap water

Water is so important for our body and life, that the degree of purity is crucial. But what ís ‘pure’? Does it make sense that you and your 30 trillion body cells would be as happy with chemically purified water as with natural, pure mineral water, as nature effortlessly pours it every second at the source? What are the main differences between tap water and mineral water in glass bottles, such as Pineo? And when you know this: what do YOU prefer for your health?

The differences between tap water and Pineo natural mineral water at a glance

The differences between tap water and Pineo natural mineral water at a glance

Tap water = industrially produced.
Pineo in glass bottles is healthy mountain water

Raw ground or surface water is not immediately suitable for human consumption, but must undergo a whole series of chemical treatments before it can be safely drunk from the tap. This is why tap water is referred to as “industrially produced. So tap water is industrially “treated” when it flows from your tap. And although its quality is regulated and subject to controls, it is only checked for 20 types of PFAS, for example, while there are 6,000 different PFAS. Pineo, on the other hand, is pure mountain water that is extracted and bottled directly – well above the industrial border – at the source and to which nothing has been added, taken away or subjected to any other treatment. Regular and thorough checks prove, that this pure, soft water is free of all kinds of possible contaminants such as heavy metals, PFAS, microplastics, pesticides or drug residues. Which of the two is purer, do you think? 1-0 for Pineo!

Pineo natuurlijk mineraalwater in glazen flessen is gezond bergwater

Pineo natural mineral water in glass bottles is healthy mountain water

Is Pineo natural mineral water healthier than tap water?

Tap water is highly industrially processed. The overall contamination of soil and groundwater with heavy metals, PFAS and microplastics, among others, is now so alarming worldwide that it can hardly be “purified” anymore. Natural mineral water, on the other hand, is extracted and bottled directly at the source. This is because it preserves its original purity. Its composition is stable and unique and depends on the source and the type of rocks and soil layers it encounters during its underground journey. In the process, the water is loaded with minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and bicarbonates…. Pineo natural mineral water is then also artesian water, which means that it is not only pure, but also soft and “ripe” water, which rises spontaneously at its own pace from a natural, underground basin. Far above industrial or agricultural pollution. This pure water does not undergo any chemical or microbiological treatment.

Pineo natural mineral water vs. tap water

Tap water is cheap, accessible to many, is quickly and efficiently “stripped” of some contaminants to make it drinkable. But did you know that the glass bottles of Pineo natural mineral water are reused more than 30 times, with the bottles cleaned with steam and acid/base mechanisms, with no residues? Moreover, all labels are printed with vegetable ink on FSC paper and glued with compostable glue. No plastic or aluminum is used anywhere. Pineo natural mineral water is pure water, exactly as nature intended.


The Pineo spring in the mountain landscape is surrounded by over 200 plants and herbs and the rare Trencalos

Pineo natural mineral water is of exceptional purity

The location of the Pineo spring in mountainous nature reserve in Catalonia – far above the industrial border -, its specific mineral composition and on-site bottling, all contribute to the unique taste experience. Its imprint testifies to a calcareous environment, which filters and enriches the water to exceptional purity. The Pineo water, with its artesian flow of some 25,000 liters per hour, helps keep the surrounding rugged mountain landscape fertile, allowing over 200 different plants and herbs to grow. The first sip has a pleasant, natural flavor. Soft and velvety.

Only natural mineral water can claim health benefits

Did you know that only natural mineral water, thanks to its content of certain ingredients, is allowed to make specific health claims defined by law? Natural mineral water is subject to European regulations, which set strict criteria that this water must meet. The main characteristics are its original purity and the stability of its mineral composition. Thus, Pineo natural mineral water has a low mineral content, which means it can be drunk by anyone, at any time of the day. Even by babies. The water is also low in sodium, making it suitable for a low-sodium diet.

Door Pineo’s lage mineralengehalte kan het door iedereen, op elk moment van de dag gedronken worden

Because of Pineo’s low mineral content, it can be drunk by anyone, at any time of the day