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Water is has always been the perfect accompaniment at a meal. Water was the first drink we ever consumed, and today bottled water is the most popular drink.

The power of water is often acknowledged. Water is indispensible, both as a thirst-quencher and an endless source of pleasure. Water is a part of our bodies. It can be harmonised with other drinks thanks to the many emotions that emerge in a social setting, in your mouth and in your nose.

The trend to drink more water means that in the future more water will be drunk than anything else. Water and wine make great alternates while also complimenting each other. With contemporary dining focussing on water and wine, the water list deserves as much attention as the wine list receives.


Pineo water is praised as the best and the only water with no deviations in flavour.

We use three of our senses when tasting something – we taste, we look and we smell. When it comes to water, the differences are very subtle, which means we often think that every type of water is the same.
We can easily forget that water has such a wide range of flavours. Water is not just water, just like wine is not just wine. The source, the composition of minerals, the bottling and the packaging all come together to create a unique taste.

The German consumer association Stiftung Warentest was very clear when it tested the taste and taste deviations of 20 brands of water – only Pineo was awarded an ‘excellent’ (see the report).

The unique location of the source, the state-of-the-art bottling line, respect for the natural environment, glass bottles, the environmentally-friendly rinsing process, and everything else that we do is to get that perfect flavour, the ultimate water experience. That’s why we have been doing what we do… and we’ve done it since 852 AD.

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Pineo glass bottle awarded the Red Dot Award for product design

The famed designer, Claus Lippe of the Lippe-Design-Studio in Cologne, designed the Pineo bottle in 1996. The point of departure was to create a bottle that reflects its contents, and the result was a reticent and sober design that has a surprisingly unmistakeable shape – pronounced shoulders and neck.

The bottle is unadorned, with no relief or embossing marks, and simple and clear contours. The subtle light-blue tint creates an association with the freshness of water. The label also fits in perfectly with the design, and the simple loo reflects the modest appearance of the bottle.

Since 1955 the Red Dot Award for product design has been handed out to designers across the globe. The annual 17,000 entrants in 31 categories make it one of the world’s most respected competitions for product design.

Why choose Pineo mineral water for your hospitality venue?

Pineo is available as sparkling (Intens) and still (Natural) mineral water and comes in large and small bottles.

Pineo’s trump card is its moon water, Luna Llena, which is artesian Pineo water bottled by the full moon. It is a limited edition, so we strongly recommend that you reserve it in advance.

Pineo mineral water within reach at a party

Tasting water

Water should be given your full attention, and it is best to trust the sensation and taste in your mouth.

Judging the water starts at the very first sip. Find the perfect glass, open the bottle and pour out a generous amount. Lift the glass to eye-level and examine the water from the top to check for deviating colour or particles. You can also see how the oxygen in the water acts and moves.

Next, take a sip of the water and leave it on your tongue, then spread it around your mouth and finally to the back of your tongue and swallow. This allows you to become familiar with the water and focus on the acidity, flavour, structure, lightness and the feeling it creates in your mouth.

Pineo harmonises perfectly with wine

There are not many waters that harmonise as well with wine as Pineo does. This is especially true when served with a delicious meal. The water’s gentle, light, fresh and balanced taste is unique.

When you love and value water, it becomes more than just a thirst-quencher. Water is a delicate drink with unique properties that are compelling and attractive. When you love water for its terroir, the history it radiates in its mineral composition, then you are not just drinking water to alleviate your thirst.

Pineo offers Natural water with a gentle alkaline taste (pH 8), a Moderado that is gently effervescent with a slightly acid taste (pH 6), and a very sparkly water, Intens, which has a pH of 4. The choice of pH levels and the perfect balance of cations and anions makes Pineo the perfect match for every wine.

Knowledge of both wine and water turns a wine sommelier into a water sommelier too. Water and wine is an increasingly popular combination, and a water list will soon be a must together with the wine list in traditional and trendy bars and restaurants alike.

Water van Pineo goed met wijn en ideaal in de horeca

Useful tips for serving Pineo water

– Do not wash the glasses with soap, use hot or steaming water and allow to cool. Demineralised water is even better.
– Check the bottles for damage, purity or if the labels are missing.
– Place the Pineo bottle on the table, do not decant into a carafe.
– Open the bottle in front of the diners.
– Make sure the label is facing them.
– Fill the glasses between a third and two-thirds full.
– Don’t add ice cubes, as they can alter the taste.
– Store the water in a dark, cool and well-ventilated area.
– Once a bottle is opened, the water loses its delicate purity, so consider the size of the bottle beforehand.
– Always drink water from glass, as this is the purest form.

Which Pineo water goes with which wine?

  • Pineo Natural is perfect with gentle, low-alcohol wines. These include fresh and fruity white wines, young red wines, sparkling wines, aperitifs with a low sugar content, etc.
  • Pineo Moderada (available soon) is perfect – and kind to – the middle class wines, such as full-bodied fruity wines, rosés, young Beaujolais wines, younger champagnes, etc.
  • -Pineo Intens is a perfect match for powerful and well-rounded wines. This includes dry or sweet white and red wines, vintage champagnes, white wines drunk as an aperitif, aperitifs with a high sugar content, etc.

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