Pineo: naturally-arising natural mineral water from the Spanish Pyrenees

Pineo, not just any water

  • Pineo is untreated water
  • Pineo water arises naturally, it’s not pumped up
  • Pineo is very low in sodium, chlorine and nitrates
  • Pineo is available in handy crates
  • Pineo is only bottled in glass

Pineo 1L

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Pineo and the calçot

The calçot has been a traditional Catalonian meal since 1900, and the long scallion is roasted on a barbecue or open fire until the skin is charred, then wrapped in newspaper and served on terracotta tiles. You remove the calçot from its skin, dip it into a dish of salsa romesco and eat it with your hands. Together with good company, wonderful wine and Pineo mineral water, the meal is an unforgettable experience.

Pineo: mineral water served by nature

Healthy Pineo water

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One of the Best Ever!! A favourite! Spring Water bottled in glass. #Pineo!! This water from the Pyrenees is only harvested on the full moon.
David Wolfe, the rock star of the superfoods and the longevity of the world